A luxuriously flawed collection of dreamy wardrobe pieces.

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Exquisite, Glamorous, everyday wardrobe staples.

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Stunningly Chic, Magnetic style, luscious fabric perfect fit for your curves. 

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Intriguing texture, handsome colors that become the “best part” of your wardrobe

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"Everything grows from the Earth"

Where does the name of your brand come from?

Elements of Earth, behind the name. My dad named me Earth and I truly had a difficult time with this growing up.

Now I know that my name was a gift from God indeed because He knew I’d love nature, women & fashion and somehow fuse them all together to make beautiful pieces that reflect the world’s natural beauty making women not only look amazing but actually feel Amazing as she lives an incredible life in her Element

  • "I love that I don’t have to get worked up about what to wear with my amazing Elements pieces I feel fabulous and well put together ”

  • These dresses make me feel like a one of a kind woman! I love wearing pieces that are made exclusively with me in mind!

  • The linen used to design my one shoulder is of the finest quality it moves with me and I feel like an amazing lady

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